Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not a great picture, but a great cat

Before I ever started thinking about getting my own cat after we moved here, there was TJ. He belonged to a girl up the street. I can almost guarantee that he was the king of the cats around here. He was not neutered or anything, so you can see the scars from all his fighting if you look at his ear.

Yet he was one of the best cats ever...he would come here and stay for a few days ever little bit. The girls were young and there was nothing he liked better than for one of them to carry him to a chair or bed to snuggle with. If I was outside sitting and reading, he would come and sit beside me to be petted, but if I were writing a letter, he would lay across my paper till I had to stop and pet him.

He is long gone, but we think of him often. Especially if Cougar leaves and is gone for a day or two...we wonder if he has another home as TJ considered this his second home. If he was gone too long, his 'mom' would call down here to see if he was here. She didn't mind, she just wanted to know if he was okay.

I often think he would be the perfect cat for Lorelei, though I really think my Cougar and Bubbie are going to be fine.