Tuesday, July 27, 2010


On the way to Green Valley the other day, we took a slightly different route, and passed by this church. We were totally surprised. We have passed so close to it all these years, but had never taken that particular road...it is a real little beauty. And that date of 1837 caught both our eyes.
Truth be told, it is not far from Saint Marys-of-the-Woods College...but other than that, I don't know if there are two dozen houses there.
Just look at the windows...I would love to be there some night when the windows are lit from within.
This is the best I could do with in just passing by...Roger did stop but I didn't get out. To have gotten any farther away, I would have been in some one's yard....
Tomorrow I am going to be at Sarah's watching the toot while her mom goes to Indianapolis for the home inspection of the house they are planning to buy. I just hope I can get a good night's they sleep tonight. It is highly unlikely unless some of the cats go outside before I head to bed. Just a few minutes ago, the boys came in. Mama Cat and Puss Puss came in earlier...so probably about the time I go to bed, one will start something.

You just about have to wonder about my sanity...why put up with them. They are worth it all, though. All except Mama Cat provides us with comic relief at some time or other every day. And she sort of provides us with wonder in that she has come so far since coming here to live.

Mama Cat was born at a federal prison. After hearing about her, my oldest daughter wanted her. She was just a doll baby....I had not seen her and was still recovering from losing my first Cougar or she would have ended up here. Anyway, Mama was just the perfect little kitty...but the guy my daughter was married to did not like cats, and his boys were not good with animals. By the time she lived there just a short while, no one could pet her except my daughter. She had forgotten Roger by then, and neither he nor I could pet her without her hissing and trying to bite.

It has been almost 3 years ago now that she came, and you would never ever guess her background. Lorelei can step all over her and half the time she doesn't move. And so far I have never seen Mama get mad at Lo...if she doesn't want to be wallered around by Lo she just gets up and leaves.

Sometimes Roger or I can hardly walk for her rubbing against our ankles and running in between out feet as we walk....she occasionally comes and gets in bed with us. But usually she just likes to be near us...though every now and then she will come get on our chair arm for petting.

As for Mama Cat's mama, Roger and the guys he worked with all pitched in and got her spayed...so in the end it is a fairly happy ending. The other three cats I have are from Mama Cat's one and only litter...another one went to a friend of Roger's and I am not sure what happened with it. And the other one went to one of their co-workers and I think it rules the roost at that house.