Friday, July 11, 2008

This is where I have been....

(They are much better if you click and enlarge them!)
This is where I have spent the past couple of days--well at least half of the past two days. This is called Green Valley and is near West Terre Haute, Indiana. It is a small state recreational area...when my husband and I were first met and married, his mom and dad used to camp here. It was free to the public, but now camping is not allowed. But the fishing is still there.
Day before yesterday, there was one person there when we arrived and he was gone before we left and no one took his place. Today there was one person already there--that is the boat you see in the above picture. We did not get near enough to him to speak to him. Shortly after we got there, another gentleman came, and right after him, still another.
Then later after we were on the water, another couple guys came together, and later still, another single man.
(Please click and enlarge this picture, even if you don't the others. Do you see anything weird about it? I didn't see it when I took it, thinking it might be something to do with my polarize filter.)
Today, I think my grand total was 4 fish, and only a couple of those would have been keepers if we had been keeping them. I used several different lures, different colors, different sizes, and even fished with worms a little bit and nothing seemed to be a good choice to get any amount of hits with.

Yesterday we did choose to keep, and came home with about a dozen...notice I say about. We were having to double up on the stringer and one got off, on two separate incidents when we were putting the second one on. Besides what we brought home, we caught all kinds of crappies. A lot of people would probably have considered them keepers, but we let them go to grow bigger. And we caught several bluegills we considered too small.

As for what I fished with yesterday, when we got there I had a little jig on with a dark green, lighter green tube worm...not chartreuse. I cast it a few times, but since fish were hitting the top of the water, I changed to this little top water lure that is blue and white. It has two sets of treble hooks...I caught two good sized bluegill on it. But I have trouble with having patience to fish top water lures, so I switched to my usual weedless jig with a blue and black tube worm and did not switch the rest of the day and got hits continually. I took the worms but never took the time to sit and fish with them any.

I have not got to visit near all the people that joined sky watch, and not sure what my time is going to be like over the next few days. But I am very thankful to Tom and Jane for hosting it...I did visit a few when we got home today and noticed Jane is filling in for Tom. (Thank-you very much Jane--I know I appreciate it and am sure others do, too.)