Tuesday, January 31, 2017


When we went down to goose pond, we saw this hawk....I could not get a good capture of it.  However, I am showing you one I have played with in Picasa...
Does anyone know what kind this one is?  I think it is the strangest marked hawk I have ever seen.  I tried to capture it when it looked away but didn't manage that.  The back of its head was white/dirty white.  A spot about an inch in diameter I am guessing.

I made another block yesterday....

I knew I would not be real happy with that center block but used it anyway.  But then I really did not like it.  I let it lay for a couple of hours but could stand it no long and ripped it out.

I replaced it with this...I do like it better.   It won't be my favorite block...I do know that much.

Unexpected things...

My brother and his wife came down last summer, and we took a little drive to see a couple covered bridges.

We drive down this same road numerous times every year and this was the first time to see these.

On my other blog, Time Stand Still, I have a couple close-ups of some of the flowers.
Roger had therapy today...last week and this week, she had him work on filling out a form as if he was going to a doctor for the first time.  And he is doing it....just slow.  It is amazing how far he has come.  But she says she thinks she can go down to two times a month.  That gives me relief to know if I have concerns, I still can talk to her.

I know each stroke is different....but until this happened I had no clue.  I know my boss had one, but his was worse than Roger's.  He couldn't talk, could not feed himself...had a feeding tube.  So when Roger's happened, I really expected that.

Thankfully, it was not as bad.  But oh, at the things you probably don't even think about unless you have dealt with someone that had a stroke.  Where his brain bleed was on the left side affected Roger's speech/communication center.  He had trouble naming things, could not read...which was partly due vision problems. For the time he was in the rehab facility, he could not name things or read at all.  I think one time he figured out one word.

Since coming home, he has had to learn to count change/money, and learn to tell time on a dial clock all over again.  He is learning to read and has come a long way, but still has work to do.  He has come so far from where he was.  I never would have dreamed that he would ever be able to fill out a form. 

 All the therapists he has had have been wonderful people.  The ones he has had week in and week out have been so, so good to us.  And I know they get paid, for doing it but they sure work for it.  I am sure that some of them take their work 'home with them.'  I know the couple that are married discuss how to help him.  

We have not been back to the rehab facility that he spent time at in Terre Haute but we want to go there one of these days...hoping to see some of the same crew.

I know this is rambling...but just felt like sharing a bit.