Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pictures from last fall

These 'ducks' are from last fall on our trip up to Mackinaw City...I have not even tried to identify these so if you know what they are, feel free to comment. I don't know too many water birds...partly cause I have not had many to observe.
I have a sinus problem going...my nose has run and run, I have sneezed and sneezed. I don't feel quite normal, but I don't feel horrible either. Roger, on the other hand, had his sinus problem start either Christmas day or the day after, and he cannot seem to shake it. He even went to the doctor about 5 days into it. Has been through the antibiotics, and it just won't go away. I really think he needs to think about going back.

I did put on a big pot of chili--with lots of onions. I always feel like just smelling something cook that has onions helps me. I have no clue if it really does, or if it is all in my head, but it does smell good in here. At least what I can smell...