Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time for Five....

It is that time of the week again....time for some randomness. I am linking to Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday 5...

1.  Color like this is becoming a thing of the past around my neck of the woods.  There are trees here and there with color, but a lot of the trees are bare.  Another sign that winter is headed our way.

2.  The kids have finished moving and are within about 20 minutes of us...we got to go to Grandparents day earlier this week.  It was almost like going had the feel of when I used to volunteer and do stuff when our girls were in school.  We can go down there and visit for an hour or more and still be home within the time it would have taken to drive to their house in Indianapolis.

3.  I wish this log cabin was mine!  Or at least I had one like it.  I wonder how the owners would feel if a complete stranger stopped and ask to see inside?  I personally would not like it, so I doubt if they would either.  Still, I would love to see it.
4.  Can you believe I turned 60 yrs. old earlier this week?  This came in the mail from one of my BFFs from childhood.  She made it.  Such a pleasant surprise.  She will hold a place of honor on this shelf.  (See the picture behind her...that is Roger's grandpa...he was a lightweight boxer.  They called him Little Jimmy Leonard.)
5.  They are finished...but not at their new home yet.

Oh, I have to share this:

I wonder if I had a cone if it would help me diet?