Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home again.....


We got home from Indy yesterday afternoon.

I started laundry almost immediately.  I don't know about most people, but I almost always can find a load of laundry.  My neighbor used to say we were either awfully dirty or awfully clean, but I really think we are just average.

I stayed in the basement and worked on my sewing project for at least two or three hours while doing laundry, then brought it up here and finished it later last night.  It is in the washer as I type and probably ready to be thrown into the dryer.  It is nothing fancy...just something fun.  I am glad that it is done...just hope it doesn't bleed in the wash.

It was rainy and misty all the way home...all our leaves are about gone.  Just a few spots of color here and there.

There is just something about fall...it is always a time of thinking and remembering for me.  I long to reach back across time and connect with childhood friends...to be with my brothers and sisters.  I want to sit by the fire and  maybe roast a potato in the coals...or to gather around the table and work a jigsaw puzzle together.

I think about standing in the barn and grading tobacco all day long...and though it can be downright cold, sometimes it can be fun depending on the mood of everyone grading.  One of my earliest memories is grading tobacco, and we had taken our dinner with us.  What that was  I  am not sure, but probably bologna sandwiches.  We had milk, and to keep it cold, it was set in the spring house.

I also want to read and read and read...and to sew and sew.  And there is never enough time to do all I want. It makes me wish I had a maid to do the everyday household chores...but since I don't, a lot of it goes undone and I chose to do some of the fun things.