Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More of the same weather, only it got colder as the day went. Everything is lightly covered by ice....or should I say was covered by ice. I guess it is still there, but now it has snow added to it. It started snowing after dark and we probably got an inch or two. I am debating on getting up and going for a drive tomorrow morn. I don't worry so much about my driving...I would take my husband's 4-wheel drive truck. But other people can really drive crazy.

The top picture is the tip of a branch of my crabapple tree and the bottom is the top of a 'post'--a post made from a railroad tie.

Anyway, my daughter got home this evening and asked me what had happened this morn out on the highway. Traffic was stopped and backed up when she headed to work. So I got the newspaper in and someone had ran into the back of a semi truck that was just taking off from a stoplight. The vehicle got stuck under the semi and the semi dragged it for about 400 feet. They had to about take the entire top off the vehicle to get the driver out.

They said road conditions did not seem to be a factor. Of course my thoughts are is someone had their ear glued to a cell phone--I have had a few too many close calls with people headed straight for me while talking on their cell phone. Anyway, it might not have been that at all--maybe someone had not had a good night's sleep and fell asleep. Who knows? Just glad it wasn't me.

And I must say that it is quite the opposite of what usually happens at these two stop lights. Usually it is the semis that run the redlights and hit someone...my husband had a friend that was hit when one ran one, I have a friend that was hit, but not hurt bad. My husband's friend was off work for a LONG time....and there have been several other accidents which involved semis running the light.

On to another topic for just a second...I did start FMQing the other baby quilt. I am still using my coats and clark thread and still having problems. I just don't want to go buy more thread. I really wish some of my Essentials quilting thread matched but it doesn't. I have had really good success with it without it costing me an arm and a leg.

I have used Aurifil and really like it, but not any better than the Essentials...and I have bought one spool of Sulky and just about swore off it because it was the worse I have ever had! And it was the thread...I switched machines, needles, etc, and nothing helped till I went to a different thread. Someone told me it was because it was variegated blue. Something about that particular color and the amount of dye used. So, I may give it another try someday. But probably not as long as I can get the color I want in another brand.