Tuesday, March 22, 2022

 No, I still have not sewn these together. And I still make a new one every now and then. (Remember to click on the photos to expand the view.)  When I first started making them I was just going to place them together like this.  One flower next to the other...but then I had second thoughts and saw so many ideas that I changed my mind.  Add to the ideas I see on the internet, I have come up with one of my own...

The photo above does not contain all the flowers I have made..as you can see below I have a stack of them


The kids came this past Saturday to celebrate Roger's birthday.  It was an early celebration, but if we waited till closer to his birthday Lorelei would not have been here.  It was a fun time to have them all here.  And also, Lorelei got the rest of her birthday.  One thing I had ordered before Christmas but still did not get here till after her birthday which is early February.  And a couple other little items that I had ordered about 3 weeks before her birthday celebration, and they did not get here till the day after we celebrated.  I had one thing that came in time for her party.

The one thing she had told me she wanted was a stuffed sloth that was almost as big as her.  I felt like her eyes just lit up once she saw it, even thought I had sent her a pic when it came.  It was no secret that I ordered it...she had showed it to me.

It was a beautiful day today...as usual, since it was Monday, I took Roger out for a late breakfast.  And it was even later than normal.  

We came home and first thing, Roger noticed that one of the drains of the gutters was loose from the downspout.  After eating, I could not bare to get down on my knees to fix it so I did what I had planned to do anyway.  I broke down boxes.  There are some supplies I order over and over, that come in good sized boxes.  Besides other things that I order on a regular basis.  Sometimes they come in bags, sometimes in boxes.  I am talking things like vitamins, and other OTC meds.  

After that, I tackled the downspout.  I got it back on and pray that it stays.  It should...I felt like I got it on a bit better.  Now to see if that helps about water in the basement.  We are supposed to have rain the next three days.  So say a prayer that that puts a stop to it.  Two of the drains at the end of the down spouts were plastc.  One was totally destroyed.   And the other was not much better.  I got regular downspouts to use to drain the water far away from the house.  It has worked well on one corner.

Well, to a lighter note, I thought maybe it would be fun to revisit one of my old videos of Lorelei.  But oh, it is so bittersweet...it is from before Roger's stroke.  And she is helping him by painting the outside of a sandblasting box he built.  That was probably the last thing he made before he had his stroke.  He had built it and tested it enough to know that it worked.  But had not really used it on anything he was actually working on.