Thursday, March 29, 2012

Four and counting....

This is from the strip pits a bit back...notice the four turtles in graduated sizes. I have not seen a single one at this pond since them...but at all the other 'big mudholes' I see heads popped up out of the water every time I pass.
We have been oldest daughter that moved year before last has decided to sell her stuff that is in storage. Her furniture....since it is so expensive to ship it. The more personal things like towels, etc Sarah and I took. And I have mailed her some of her books, and plan on storing a few more of those.

I spent yesterday making a few final decisions about some of those smaller items, and then happened to notice that the power cord was not with her TV. It is basically a new TV...has been used about a year, but been sitting here for almost two years. We looked and looked and looked some more. All to no avail.

So I get on the phone and start calling appliance places...I first call Countryside TV and Appliance here in town...their tech guy was out but she would ask him if they had it and then call me back. I can never just sit so started calling other places...the one place told me to go to Radio Shack. So I called them...he didn't know. He told me to take a photo of where the cord plugs into the TV and take down the information about the power, I took pictures of both and printed them out.

We talked a minute and decided to head down there, but just to be polite we stopped by Countryside to check and to tell her we were headed on to Radio Shack. Well, she had not checked, but her tech guy had just got back...she took the photos back and he had one!!! Talk about relief. I just did not feel like a trip to Terre Haute so that was one less thing we had to do.

So, today is the day the auction place comes to pick up her furniture and washer and dryer, etc. We will then have the fun of waiting to see how much it brings....