Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Laughter and tears....

For several years, with the exception of last year, I have listened to the unabridged version Rick Bragg's book, All Over but the Shoutin', sometime during the holiday season...either on the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas as I mess around in the kitchen fixing this and that. But last year, it was no longer available at the library. I know I ended up with something to listen to, but whatever it was did not impress me because I don't remember.

This year, I just happened to start listening to Oogy, the Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin....
I tell you I have found my new holiday book! You can click the badge to be taken to Amazon's page....or you can watch the video below about the book. Oogy was used as a bait dog for fighting dogs, but was rescued in a police raid. His ear is chewed off, and lots of other damage...but he never holds a grudge against human beings, nor other dogs for that matter.

I have cried and I have laughed while listening to this...the bittersweet sort of tears. Though Lorelei's Otti Doddi was not abused, there are so many of their traits that are the same. The destructiveness in puppy hood--that was oh, so familiar. Then the barking at people, not because of aggressiveness but because he can't get to Otto's case he wants to lick them to death.

In Otto's case, other than once or twice showing aggressiveness towards strays, he usually drools with anticipation if he thinks one of their friends might be bringing a play date for him...that is the only time he drools. Since they have moved away, he no longer has play dates, but a neighbor behind them has a little dog that runs up and down the outside of Sarah's fence and he enjoys running back and forth with it.

Anyway, I am not being paid for this...I am just really, really enjoying the book. It is one of the better finds I have made. Sometimes I check out a book at the library thinking it will be good, only to be disappointed....I have had two or three animal stories that while not bad were not as great as I thought. So, I checked this one out thinking well, it is free...if it isn't good it is nothing lost. I didn't want to be disappointed again. Now, I am thinking I would not mind owning it.

I will leave you with a picture of our Lorelei...this is the other thing that makes me smile, when I think of this picture.
I will leave you a picture of Lorelei...
Sarah was at her sink, which is where the bright spot is in the photo...she heard this "I found you mommy" and looked around and Lorelei had rolled the chair over from their computer and climbed on it and was looking over the counter at her.

I haven't got a new picture of Otto...Lorelei still uses him for everything. Sits on him, uses him to climb places, gets her blanket and lays down beside him, and generally loves him to pieces. I would say they are both lucky to have each other...the only thing he don't like is for her to get his tail and pull on it. He don't get mad or anything, he just pulls away....other than that he takes it all and kisses her every chance he gets.

As this holiday season begins, I am so thankful to have the husband I have, and to have two daughters that are ever a source of love, joy and might I add pride, a son-in-law that could not be better, and cute little Lorelei to hold and love...I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving...and may it hold for you all the joy your heart can hold.

Edited to add:
I have listened far enough to learn that Oogy is not a pitbull, as the vets first thought but is a Dogo....a breed that was developed in Argentina for big game hunting. To me, they still look like pitbulls.