Saturday, March 7, 2009


I took two or three pictures of the barn above last fall...the other day when we went fishing and came home a round-about way and passed it again..I took this and a couple more of it. I just love the style of it. I like the colors, I like the lightening rods. You know though, I just now got to really noticing all the doors. Wouldn't you love to know what this barn was used for? And why had I not noticed them before.
It makes even less sense when I tell you that I seen this barn for the first time when I took this and a couple more photos of it. When I enlarged it, one of the first things I noticed about it is the little door in the center...the one that is about one third of the way up. It is a regular door below it, but it is kind of hard to tell that it is a door because it blends in so well.

That little square door above it really has my curiosity up...I would love to know what it is for. And I also wonder why I really noticed it but all the white doors on the other barn barely registered.

Last leg

We have went for walks the past couple of days, and taken our rod & reels...we walk, and then fish for just a few minutes. And we went from one strip pit in Universal that is actually for the public, I think owned by the little town, to another one that is owned by Indiana DNR over by West Terre Haute.
This tree caught our eye almost immediately...I think if you enlarge it you will like it better. With all the wind that we have, it is amazing that it is still standing. One just across the way had fallen.
Then, there were a couple pair of geese...I really got the feeling that it is mating season. Each pair was off to itself. Normally, there are several geese at this old strip pit all year long, but day before yesterday there were only the two pair.
As for my fishing, I fished a few minutes two different days, and each time I caught one little Largemouth Bass....about 10 inches long. It's mouth being the biggest thing about it.