Monday, September 24, 2012

From a few weeks ago

I am going to show you the deer we saw while at the Heron Viewing station last time we were there...the one north of Danville, Illinois.

 She just did not seem to concerned with us.  We were not far from her at all.

She finally strolled away.  I did not notice the 'things' at the top of her shoulder till I downloaded the pics and enlarged them
You can see them better if you right-click on the image and chose to open in another tab or window.  I've not ever seen anything like it.  Roger says deer get injured and get sores, etc...but these are two strange places to my way of thinking.

I went fishing again out at Universal...I caught 5 or 6 large-mouth bass but all were really on the small side.  But was still fun to catch.  I fished for a couple hours and ran through the strip pits. 

It is just so strange out there.  I seen a Blue Heron and an Egret, and that is all I saw.  I may have seen two or three birds flying, but that is it...and I really don't remember seeing any.  It was as if I were on another planet.  I did not see meadowlarks, nor blackbirds, nor anything moving at all.  Not even a single deer.  Which almost any time we go through there we see something...a pheasant or a deer or a hawk.

I saw the one Northern Harrier a time or two about a month ago, and have not seen it since.  I have not see a short-eared owl yet...and haven't seen an eagle out there in ages and ages.  So I am beginning to wonder if it has all found some other place to go.