Monday, August 31, 2015

Introducing Rosie

The kids had the opportunity to get this poodle/chihuahua puppy a while back and took advantage of it.  Lo has been wanting a puppy for a long time....
Here she is snuggle in with Uncle Otti on the way here a couple weekends ago...
Look at that face!  Lucky for her she has Uncle Otti....he is just so good with her.
I wish you could see her in is so funny...she will be after Uncle Otto and then Kitty Soft Paws will walk by or come in to watch.  Rosie will see her, and its on!  She runs to tackle Kitty Soft Paws...Kitty S.Ps swats her, but only with her paw.  No claws at all.  Then she will take off running with Rosie in hot pursuit.  It cracks me up to watch them.

In a minute, Rosie returns to get after Uncle Otti again, and in a minute, here comes Kitty Soft Paws back.  The same thing happens again...this one time, I was watching Rosie.  She was busy picking at Uncle Otti, she looked and seen Kitty, went back to Otti, then stopped and looked at Kitty again and could no longer resist.

And Sarah says at times Rosie will sometimes be laying still, and here will come Kitty Soft Paws and will pounce on her.  Never a dull moment.

She loves to snuggle into Uncle Otti to sleep in their cage...if she gets put in with him.
I am worn out this and out with laundry all this day.  But that is not what I want to talk about/ask.  What do most of you use to clean the doors, etc. of your kitchen cabinets.  I usually use Murphy's Oil soap, but wonder if there was something better.  Tell me what you use and why.