Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just a little post...

We ran around all day today, and during that ran through the strip pit and by the farm that has the cattle I photograph quite often.  I was so relieved to see them...the last time I was by there I did not see hide nor hair of them and thought maybe they had sold them.

It is also the place that had horses I photographed sometimes.  I do think they are gone....I have not seen them in ages.  And I miss seeing them.  Always feel like the animals at this place have been handled a lot because they always look at us as if they expect a treat or kind word or something.
We have just had regular cable TV forever...this evening a kid came by with DirecTV.  Roger has been wanting to try something new forever...and truth be told I have too...but all the places I check do not have our favorite PBS station, and this is one of those that don't have it.  But the PBS station it does have has Masterpiece Theater/mystery and that is one show that I just would not give up.

Anyway, does anyone that reads this have DirecTv and do you like it?  What has been your experience with it?  It does have the Game Show Network which I would enjoy sometimes...but it does not have the Outdoor Channel, and Roger will miss that.  I just now noticed it is missing, so will have to remember to tell him in the morn to see if he still wants to change...not that he watches it a lot.  But it is something that he does sometimes.