Friday, September 20, 2019

Just a bit of this and that....

First a photo from a few days ago...I meant to include it on my other blog but did not get it done.  so I will post it here.

I had to take Roger in to get his prescriptions renewed yesterday.  Then had to take him back this morning before he ate to have lab work done.  Then he has his allergy shots every other Thursday.  So that was this afternoon.  He went in and was in there longer than normal.  Usually he is in and right back out.

He said he sat there  a while and then someone came out and told him no one was there today to give shots.  So, I don't know if someone else gave him his last shot, and did not know to give him a paper to give to me that told the changes, or if they just expected him to read the changes.  The nurse that usually gives him his shots, she always knows to send something to me.  But every now and then someone else gives the shot and would not know he has had a stroke and does not function quite normal. He does not pay attention to things like that now.  It would be a struggle for him to read, and even if he read it, he would be apt to forget what it said and/or forget to tell me.
The above was started  last night but did not finish.  I lost track of what all I was going to tell.  And now, I need to get dressed now and take Roger to breakfast.  I pick up Lorelei after school today and she is spending the night.  Then, our daughter that lives in St Louis is coming to sew tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a good weekend ahead .