Saturday, January 25, 2014

More snow on the way

This is one of the goldfinches that visit our feeders.  We don't have many of them.  I have more in the summer when I have actual sunflowers growing.

Has anyone ever grown thistles on purpose?  Sometimes I am tempted to.  I love their flowers--they are so pretty.  I think people would probably think I need my head examined if I did.
Believe it or not, more snow is headed our way.  Not much according to the weatherman.  2 or 3 inches.  We were in the 20's today.  It felt like a heat wave.  Even my kitties do not like this weather.  Bubbie goes out one door, and usually goes around to the other door and wants in.  And once today he wanted out, Roger opened the door and he turned around and ran away from the door.