Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the last flowers

I was trying to find something with sunshine that I had taken lately and not posted, but after a quick search I settled on this. Even though it isn't sunny, the blue is such a cheerful blue.

Roger is certainly feeling better...not sure if meds had anything at all to do with it at all. The dr's office did call today to put him on another antibiotic because of something they found. Roger had done been saying that he thought it might be some kind of bug. The girl he talked to did not know what was found, so guess we will find out either the next time he goes, if he doesn't call them back tomorrow. It has sure been a slow recovery...every day he has felt a bit better.

I am just sort of gun shy when it comes to meds after the other episode in 2005. For a while any time he got the least little bit sick I was afraid it was something to do with his liver. This was the first time I had that real scared feeling about that in a while.
The sun actually shone for a while this morn, but it was dark and cloudy by noon. This is at least the 3rd day of dreary weather....and it has really gotten to me. I don't think it would have bothered me so bad if Roger had not been sick for so long. I am definitely a person that needs sunshine and have always loved the feel of the sun upon my face.

I guess like a little bit of all kinds of weather...Ialways LOVED picking apples in the quiet of a long as it wasn't raining so hard that I couldn't see if I had to look up. And even cold can be exhilarating. It feels so wonderful to come in to a warm house when your nose is red from the cold! I love being out in the hushed quiet after a snow...I guess the key is not to have too much of any one of them.

Old barns often remind me of a different time...when we had more time for each other. With all our time saving appliances and devices, time still seems to slip away.

The song below is one of my favorites. It just seems to fit the mood I am in. I often think about how the best songs tell a lifetime story in just a few verses. I hope you will listen and enjoy as much as I do. Below the video I will put the lyrics...

Better Days (Tim Grimm)

Farmer Jim had the bailer
I had the hands and had the time
He was up into his seventies
I was in the middle of may prime
I was bringing back my childhood
He'd been doing this all his life
Driving that old John Deere tractor
Eating lunch brought by his wife

And they'd rest under our maples
And they'd tell me of their past
Lost a son and lost a grandson
One went slow, one went fast
Ruth would tell me of the old times
Men would go off to the fields
And all the children and the women would
Hitch the team and drive them down to the woods

Me, I'm trying to learn the old ways
Of the heart and of the land
People growing old together
Families working hand in hand
So I will watch and I will listen
To voices cracked and faces worn with age
And when they're gone, Lord knows I'll miss them
They give me hope for better days

Amos Chesnut is my neighbor
All his life an honest man
I stepped up to his door a stranger
Walked away a new found friend
When he works out by the roadside
People slow and wave a hand
He watches life pass by his Oak Bend farm
But I don't know a richer man
He knows every creek and hollow
Every fencepost dug by hand
Where the paw-paws grow
Where the coyotes roam
Where the dirt turns into sand

with repeat last 2 lines

The first lines of the last verse reminds me so much of Lily, that used to be my neighbor. We moved here in 1980, and after spending the first night, Roger got up to go to work and our car would not start. The phone had not been put in, that was before cell phones...doesn't that in itself seem like another century?

Anyway, our way of meeting was for me to go over and ask if I could use her phone. I did walk away with a lifetime friend.