Friday, June 1, 2007

Today has done been a busy day for me. I am so lucky to not have to work. I got dressed and took our dog, Shelby for a walk this morn. We live one block from a railroad which has a road beside it. I take her down there when I take her for a walk...sometimes we go every day, but lately I haven't been taking her at all. I decided today I would try to get back in the habit of taking her. As a reward to myself I took my camera. And this picture of what around here is called honeysuckle is one of the pictures I took. Can't you just smell it! I was half a block away and the fragrance made me close my eyes and breathe in ever so deeply.I took some other pictures of wild is amazing when you look closely at them just how pretty they are. Other than flowers, I often see rabbits down there. Usually there are deer tracks, and I have actually seen one on occasion. Otherwise, about all to be seen are robins with maybe a hawk flying over head.

After getting home from there, it was off to Walmart to pick up a few things, by the grocery store, and by the post office for stamps. Then home to hang out a load of clothes I left in the washer. Hanging out clothes is a chore that I love!

I hope today to either start a new sewing project or to get some work done on an old one. If I am going to do either, I best get busy.