Sunday, January 17, 2010

Through the fog

One thing about Indiana is the weather is always changing. The past few days it has been foggy of the morn. Friday when we went up through Attica and on north of there, it was foggy all the way there. Not bad enough to be dangerous...but always when looking in the distance, everything was in a fog.
These were both drive-by shots. That is the one thing about fog, I do not like to stop if there isn't a real good place to get off the road. Still they are not bad.
Lorelei was up here today...well, everyone was here. But she keeps us all entertained. We consider ourselves so blessed to have been able to have her as much as we did while she was so young. The minute she sees us she gets this big old smile on her face and she cannot wait to get out of her car seat. And she jabbers, talks and has so many expressions that she is more fun to watch than TV.

And I got to see her take a couple steps to Rachel, our older daughter. She has been taking steps at home but this was the first time for me to witness it. It won't be long until she is running around all over the place. And I do mean run...I have a feeling she is going to be like her mommy. When Sarah was little, she never just walked anywhere....she either ran, skipped, jumped. Never just a simple walk.
My quilt top I am working on is at least half done. In ways more than half since all the rest of the squares are cut, and I have a whole bunch of the rest of the blocks sewn into pairs, or twosies as we quilters call it when you join two parts.

Imagine going to school here....

We were almost the only ones in the quilt shop yesterday, so as I was checking out the sales lady asked me if I was headed straight home. I told her maybe not straight home, that I had my cameras with me and we just sort of wonder the back roads and eventually get home. So, she started telling me about this place.
It was the first school of higher learning in Tippecanoe you can see for yourself if you enlarge the pictures. The one below is not in sharp focus, but I can still read it with no trouble when enlarge. There is another view of the Academy at my test blog, From the dirt road. If you look closely at the picture there you will see a two story home out behind this place. Imagine only paying a dollar for room and board! Of course, a dollar was much harder to get back then.