Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I just thought I would take a totally different track for just a moment...I thought I would share one of my husband's hobbies: making knives. He has long wanted to make them, and the smaller one in the picture above, he made many, many moons ago. In 1978-79...while he was going to vocational school. But he had no way to put the shine on.

Last winter, he worked and built a small gas-powered forge, and got a couple more items for his shop and made 4 or 5 knives...the first one being the bigger knife in the picture. All the ones he made, he gave away to friends..and he finished his very first knife, which he did keep. He also handmade a sheath for each knife he made. You can see more photos of his work HERE.

As for me, I am trying to get back to quilting and has been slow coming. I went shopping today to pic up some extra fabrics for the baby quilts I want to make. The one is the one I got a couple weeks ago in Amish country, it will be the center square to built around, and the bottom pic shows some of the ones I picked up to add to the ones my daughter and I have already pulled from my I just need to start cutting.