Saturday, May 1, 2021

A catch up...

 A bit of progress on my current quilt project

I have so many squares made that they won't all fit on my design wall.  I definitely need a bigger one.  I have been trying to come up with a solution.


Another picture of the moon from earlier this I wish I had the capabilities to capture it as it was.  It had a thin haze over/around it...which shows here as a softened effect.  But it was just so totally awesome to see in real see the glow through the haze around the moon.  Just beautiful.


Saw this guy back a month or two ago and only just downloaded it the other night.  He was a big one...always fun to see them.


I have not been talking about what I am reading, and that is because I have been reading this series has been a few years since I actually read them....I have read the three above, and am currently on The Lord God Made Them All....they are so well written.  There is never a point in any of the books that is boring or that I want to skip through....just excellent from beginning to end.


I have laundry going and am waiting patiently for the Kentucky Derby to begin.  I am hoping they show the stories of the horses and owners and jockeys better than they have the past couple of times.  The last time or two, all they wanted to show was who was there and what they were wearing.  I am not there to see who is there...I want to see the horses and hear about their personalities.  

Leaving you with a clip from the old show Taxi...I thought it was funny but now sure what you will think about it.