Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just a little post...

Be sure and check out Cheryl's Frugal Corner...she is married to my nephew.  Being that I am the baby of 8 children, and she is married to my oldest nephew, we are basically the same age.

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Days like this....

All I can say is get ready for photo least from my corner. I don't normally put this many photos in one post.  I suggest you click to expand the view.
We were heading the a trader's fair...but got detoured into going to Marshall, Illinois.  Someone told us there were supposed to be yard sales all over town.  The clouds were just glorious the entire time we were out. The one above was taken on the way...
This is from Route 1 in Illinois, on the way home.
Another photo from Route 1...I am not sure what that is between the two sections of clouds directly aboe the green barn.  I am pretty sure it was not cloud, so must have been on the windshield.
This one is heading east on State Rd 150
and this is on farther east.
Here we are getting closer to home, on State Rd 163
Sorry I could not limit myself to just one or two.  I just go crazy taking photos when I have the chance and the clouds are like these.  These were all taken through the windows...I really hope you will click on them and enjoy the cloud picture show.