Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The old and the new....

First I thought I would show you a quilt top for a baby quilt that I made sometime in the past year or so....I really can't remember just when I made it. It might have been closer to two years ago. I had totally forgot making was made with no baby in mind. I did have a couple girls in mind that I thought might be starting a family sometime in the near future, though.

I have a hard time getting a good overall view, so I took a couple pics of it.

And here we have the small 4-patch quilt top I have been working on...over the past fall. I have worked on it here and there...till last week I got serious about finishing it. It is meant to be just a small quilt for the couch....or maybe a kid. Who knows. The 4-patches are 3 1/2 inches square when finished. And the top itself is 49 inches x 59 inches.

We won't tell about the fact that I tried a new pressure foot on my machine...and they were originally going to be 4 inches finished, but due to slight variation in size, I had to resize all the blocks I made. And we won't tell about the hours I spent ripping out seams the last evening or two. More ripping out than I normally do in a year...probably even in two or three years. Not that I don't make mistakes...I usually just catch them before I compound them.

I started making the 4-patches from scraps from other projects...then I got into cutting a few squares from older fabrics that I just want to use up. Still, most of them are from scraps...however the background squares are about half and half. I think I would have liked it better if I had used one main fabric as the background. And I will say that I think the pictures make it look prettier than the actual top is. But usually things grow on me when I quilt them.

I need to get another batting or two...I have a queen sized and I have queen sized tops, but I want to quilt some of these small tops, plus I also have one or two that are skimpy full sized tops.

After I got this last little top done, I have been working on cleaning up my sewing area, and even went so far as to organize some of my fabric by color. I think I could spend all day working on getting my fabric organized. I sure wish I had a place I could organize it all in one spot. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I even have a place to leave my sewing machines set up.