Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday night bits and pieces....

 A bit of Copper cuteness first of rained last night here and I suppose was still raining there this morn.  Shoot, it was probably raining here, but since I had not slept good last night, I was sleeping good till after almost 11:00 a.m.  He did not care a lot for the rain...


When we were over there last, his mom got the stuff to make this with...

This is the same wreath hanging on her door.  I think it sure is pretty...the lighting sure made a difference in how it shows up.  Plus probably the dark door.  


I made a couple little log cabin blocks...these are unfinished at 4 1/2 inches...I made the two before the previous post and have not made another.

I have not worked any more on these.

But I have been working on this...I still have to quilt all the sashings.  Sashings are the strips of fabric between the blocks.  And I have to decide on a fabric to use for the binding.  But the quilt is trimmed and ready for the binding to be sewn on.
I have been trying to declutter more.  I have found a few things that others a few more things to donate.


I came across this somewhere in the past week...I thought it very appropriate...

Hope everyone has a good week ahead.