Monday, July 15, 2013

Daylilies continued....

This is another of my favorites...
Shhh-hhhhh--don't tell anyone but I love them all.
The dark colors seem to grab my eye's more least at first glance.
Then I find myself loving the softer hues...and I LOVE the ruffles.
Not much going on in our world.  I hung out laundry today, and messed with some of my sewing.  I think I am just going to make a scrappy back for the latest little crumb quilt top.  I spent an hour or two digging through the bins picking out bigger bits of fabric and ironing them.

We are starting to have tomatoes from the garden every day.  But just two or three per day....but two or three is sure better than none.  Yet I am anxiously waiting for the day I can sit down and eat two or three at a setting and there still be tomatoes left for Roger.