Monday, July 9, 2012

Still more

Are you bored with this stuff? If so, I am about done with it for now. But I do want to go back when lighting is better.
I am not sure what any of these are for....
The one above looks like it is made the hold something. One would put something between those jaws and stand on the lever to hold it while working on it. It really reminds me of Roger's stitching pony.
Now the thing above--I hope some one knows what it is used for. None of us have a clue. It is made to open and fit around something. I would even welcome guesses. It would give me something to research.
We got our break from the heat! Yesterday the hight here at our house was 97ºF! Roger and I both laughed about thinking that 97ºF was cool. And supposed to remain cool for the days to come. Even later on I think there are a couple days with the highs only being in the upper 80's.

All I want to do is sit outside and read...