Monday, March 29, 2010

Covington Methodist Church

Saturday, Covington, Indiana was as far north as we went.
I want to go back there and take more time...there were some old, beautiful homes. I would also like to photograph some of the business is a pretty little town.

Men at work....

Yes, men at work, not the group, but actually men giving this barn a face lift. When they finish, it is going to look fantastic...but has it lost something in covering the wood? I understand why they do it...yet I hate seeing it done. I am just glad I was not required to do the would not have gotten done.
Notice the angled cuts...whoever is doing them is doing an expert job! And the pieces are so wide they were not being done with a chop saw. But maybe they made a jig...I know in doing some things that have to be done over and over, my husband has made his own jig, or tool, to get the cuts and/or measurements the same.

Maybe in a week or two, I can go back up through there and take a photo of the finished barn. I plan to post another photo from this farm on Time Stand Still.