Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another knife finished....

Roger finished another knife....this one will be sent to a young man that is in the coast guard...up in Alaska. He is the son-in-law of a real good friend.
I really need to make an on-line album of all his knives...I have one started but I just don't like the way it works. So, I quit adding to it.
I have not sat and made a list of how many he has made, but it is quite a few. The knife has been finished a few day, but the sheath was made yesterday. He has had a cold this past week that was one of the worst he ever had. He not only didn't have any energy, he felt horrible. But tonight he seems like he might really be on the mend.
It has been a loooonnnng week without seeing the toot. She also has a cold, but has just kept playing. I am afraid it might get worse before she gets better if Roger is anything to go by. Sarah said one morning she was singing seeeeeee maaaamaaaw, seeeeee paaaapaaaaaw over and over....and then she said today after they woke Jeremy up that she bounced around saying 'I like mamaw' and 'I like papaw" over and over...

I wasn't going to show this and it is kind of dark, not sure when it was shot--it came to me through another route...not direct from Sarah....anyway, have your sound on to hear the dragon!

She has a vivid imagination. They were at a party, and Lorelei was playing with some other kids...they went running inside, and Lorelei paused long enough to tell someone that the monsters were after them!