Sunday, June 20, 2010

One of the things I wonder about...

I always wonder why a house has two doors right beside each other...I have never tried to google that to see if there is a reason. Was it a house built for two families? I don't think so...almost all I see with the two doors side by side are small houses. Most of the times they are just big enough for a small family.
Lorelei has been here quite a bit this week. She is growing and changing so fast. She has bumped her head a time or two on our table...and it does hurt. There is no doubt about it. But after one of the first times of doing it, a little bit later she dropped something and bent over to pick it up. After she picked it up, she laid her head against the corner of the table, and started to pretend to cry. It was so funny!

That first time was a week or two ago...well, yesterday she started to doing it again. She did it two or three times. I am not sure if she does it to get sympathy or laughter...because it always gets a laugh from us.

I have a really small vacuum...more or less a is a small upright, but you can take off the vacuum just like Dustbuster. That tells you how small it is...Lorelei has discovered it and loves to get it out and push it all around the house.

And sometimes here with her papaw or at home with her dad, she will go to yell for one of them and out comes 'Dad-Paw!' She definitely loves her dad and papaw....she loves for Roger to chase her through the house. There is just something about her papaw that she wants all his attention.

She has learned to jump now, and has been shaking her head no and nodding it up and down, though the up and down is not quite as easy as shaking her head no. Her dad was showing her how to turn a flip and she is is so cute to watch.

When her dad is home for her bedtime, he has to go give her the ET touch two or three times before she will settle down and go to sleep...