Saturday, March 17, 2012

You know it is spring when....

You know it is spring when you can see swarms of bugs in the rays of sunlight filtering through the trees! click and enlarge the above to see better. I just couldn't believe it...then as it turned to dusk...after the sun is gone yet not quite dark, there were swarms and swarms of mosquitoes!

I ran out to the strip pits just to see if I would relax more...did not see much. I first seen three deer in one of two spots I always see deer. Then a little later, seen a couple more in the other spot....but as late as it was, I was wondering where they all were. Usually see 4 or 5 here and 3 or 4 there. Finally, I was leaving the strip pits and happened to glance back to my right over my shoulder and the scene below is what met my eyes.

I have tried to lighten it...not sure how it will look on everyone's is not great on mine but I can see all the deer. Well, my camera was at it highest ISO, and speed so low...I was amazed that it wasn't a totally blurry mess...
I took two or three of this view...again click and enlarge. Anyway, started easing on down the hill, and my eyes got adjusted to the light, or lack of, and I could see on down the side of the hill there were more deer here and there, and then on over farther away there was another group of least 5 or 6 or 7 in one who knows how many were out there.
Sarah and Lo are on their way here, so not sure if I will be blogging much this weekend. Will try to catch up when I can.