Friday, February 28, 2020

A Finish and a Not so Finished....

First of all I finished this crazy puzzle yesterday I think.

Now look at the next photos...

Look how crazy the pieces are cut.  I don't know if it is cause they are cut this way, or if it is the actual picture, but it was one of those puzzles that I thought a piece was missing till the very end.  For me, the kitty was the hardest part.  Normally the hard part for me is real dark, dark green leaves.  If you work jigsaw puzzles, is there a color or item that you find harder to work than others?

Now...  you said you didn't mind seeing more of the leaves...

thought I would show you the last three I made.

I have 40 made, but still need to make more.  This leaf project is the 'not so finished' part of this post.

I am still not sure how big I am making it...but  if I wanted to stop soon, I would want at least 2 more leaves to make it 6 leaves wide and 7 leave long.  Or 9 more to make it square.
I finally took the time and added a patch pocket to a pair of my pjs.    The next time I make a pair I will add pockets.  I do not know why I haven't always added pockets.

As I type this we have snow falling again.  I think it is basically only supposed to be flurries but it sure is cold.

I hope you are warm this weekend and that you have a good weekend.

Here's Ken Davis is not the one I wanted to find but it is short so just going to use it.