Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One stage finished....

This photo above was taken while looking up at it as it flapped in the wind....
I finally decided that the quilt blocks had finally sat long enough...it was time to sew them together.
The day before we went and picked up Lorelei I sat down at the machine and sewed half of them together....and yesterday while doing laundry I got the other half of the blocks together and the two halves made into a whole. And this is the result. (One row does not show in the photos...the quilt is actually square.)

I never have a good place to photograph quilt tops or quilts...or at least not easy to get to so most times I just resort to the clothesline in the back yard. The above photo looks different because it was also take while the wind was blowing it so hard and I was half looking up. I think you will like all photos better if you click and enlarge. This is a log cabin quilt with the blocks set in the barn raising style.

After the weekend, I think I will try to get the backing made and the layers pin-basted together. I suppose then it will set a while while I decide how to quilt it. I just have no idea--I don't think I want to meander or stipple quilt...it will be machine quilted whatever I do.

It would be so simple to send this out to be quilted, but I just cannot stand to have other hands finish my work. Maybe it is my form of art...maybe I fear someone else messing it up...I really don't know just why. I just know I would hate for anyone but me to do the quilting.