Saturday, April 20, 2024

Puzzle addictions

 Since Christmas I have really indulged in putting jigsaw puzzles together.  I cannot even begin to remember all the ones I have done.  And I have enjoyed every minute.  Most were 1,000 pieces with a couple that were only 750 pieces.  I keep one going almost all the time.  My daughter helps sometimes, and others it is mainly me. 

The one above is from Cross & Glory...I bought if on is the third of theirs I have worked.  But their prices just go up and up.  But the pieces fit together so well.  After the puzzle is worked, so far can easily pick up the puzzle at the top and and it stays together.  The downside of that is that is when you want to box it up, you have to sit and take it apart, not quite piece by piece but almost.

They have some unique puzzles...some I don't like at all, but others I love.  And I delayed getting one that I really like and now neither Amazon not the company itself has it.


I have worked on the binding some today...I could probably have finished it if I had focused on it, but I am not in a super hurry...I just enjoy it so much.

Lorelei/the drumline is participating in the championship this weekend.  We just watched through a streaming app.  She has really enjoyed it.