Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heading our way

I just found these photos the other day...I have posted a different picture of the barn before and I think I have posted a photo similar to the others. Even though I don't really like being cold, I am excited cause snow is supposed to be heading our way. That does not guarantee we will get any, but I can hope. I love snow is hard to mess up a snow scene. Snow covers a multitude of things.

As for today, we didn't get home till around 7:00 tonight...and we plan to go back tomorrow. I wish we could have got more done today, but we did go and Roger and Jeremy got measurements done, got the list made and we went and got the things needed. They did mess around with the electrical outlets. Not sure of the correct terms...but you have to have an adaptor to use a 3-prong plug so they want to put in the right ones and connect the ground wire.

If Sarah had not been so tired I would have liked for her to download some of the pictures of Otto off their camera and send them to me. He is so much fun...and he just adores Jeremy. Tries to keep up with Jeremy's every move. And she had some of him laying with her and some of him laying with Jeremy on the couch. They don't generally let him up there, but at times he can give them a look that 'guilts' them into letting him up. And he acts as if he is their baby.

It is getting late, and I am so tired I cannot think straight. I owe emails to friends and need to make out bills, but you know what? I don't think either one is going to get done tonight.