Sunday, April 7, 2019


Lorelei, along with a friend helped Sarah babysit a little one for a friend of theirs...can you see the joy on Lorelei's face?  (Don't you like my artwork in hiding the face?)

Roger is pretty much back to normal...or what passes for normal for us any more.     It is a real relief to have him want something to eat.


Bubbie sleeps like this quite often...would you believe he is almost 12 years old.  and was the runt of the litter?  He is just the lovingest boy.  A happy cat.

Is anyone else watching/or have you watched this season of Call The Midwife?   It is wonderful as always. 

How about Mrs. Wilson?  Have you seen either season of it?  I watched the 2018 season I think, but didn't recall it being based on real people.  I highly recommend it. 

My hyacinths are in full bloom...the trillium is about 6 inches tall but no blooms yet.  But I don't think it will be long.  And the blue bells have buds but no blooms....

Hope you all have a good week ahead...