Monday, January 21, 2013


These were taken out at the strip pits on Wednesday of last week...a juvenile bald eagle.  He was a ways away most of the time, soaring around in circles.  Then he decided to leave and head back the way I had just come.  No more circling...just gone.

I don't know about where you are, but here in west Central Indiana, it is COLD.  The temperature sits at 12ºF right now...and feels like -2º with the windchill.  I want one more good a time when I can be out in it and take some pictures.  Other than that, I am ready for spring, ready to sit on the porch and read, or have breakfast....ready to be outside in shirtsleeves and be warm.

But for right now, am thankful to be relatively healthy....I am still not going to go into too many details, but will say that Sarah ended up in the hospital....thank God her sister was there with her.  Her hubby was at work...before we got over there, Lorelei started throwing up.  She had the flu.  That was a Friday.  By Saturday evening her dad was not feeling too good...Sunday I was hit with it...oldest daughter had to leave Sunday afternoon.

Roger took her to see Sarah one more time before she left.  They got there and Sarah had been she went with them to the airport.  I had stayed home with Lorelei, and was feeling worse by the minute.  Jeremy was feeling horrible.  So, in comes Sarah and Roger...both feeling okay at that time.

Before Roger went to bed, he was sick and vomiting, and I am still sick...we go to bed and I get up in the night to go to the potty.  I pass out...and before I can get my wits about me enough to get up...I am sick.  But after that, I feel some better...get everything cleaned up.  At this point, Sarah has not had it and I just didn't want her touching anything.

We all get back to bed, and get up Monday and I decide to try to get us home.  Roger still doesn't feel like driving but seems to have stopped vomiting.   So, you are thinking that is the end of the  I get home and get a cold on top of the flu.   Roger feels much better the next day, and thinks he is over it.  He has two or three good days, then gets the bad cold.

 And let me add, that Sarah did not escape the flu....and by the time her sister got back to the west coast, she was sick all night, and part of the next day.

I drove us home on January 7th, and did not get out of the house till January 16th, and I still get weary so easy.  So, I am hoping to blog at least weekly...hoping we have seen the worst.