Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bits and pieces....

This is my last Asiatic to is one my older daughter got me last year,  She actually got me two, but for some reason the other one did not survive.  They were planted very close to each other so why it died, I do not know.
Lorelei is here for a couple nights...she is playing on her kindle, but also listens to what we watch on TV.   Right now we are watching A Company of is focused on some of the other men interviewed that were not used in The Band Of Brothers.  It is well done in my opinion....shows the real men talking. 


I used to have a big bunch of phlox but it has died away till there is hardly any left.  I really need to get myself together and do some work but it just does not get done.

Last week was the week to end all weeks...or I thought it was going to be.  Roger had been starting to get over that sorenesss in his ribs.  I don't even recall if I have told about that.  Seems like it is always some kind of drama that I tell on here.  About three week, maybe more now, we were at Walmart on a Saturday and his chronic cough hit.  And he started holding his ribs...he said a cramp hit him.

But it was not a cramp.  It kept hurting.  In fact when he passed out, he was trying so hard to suppress the cough cause it hurt so bad.  Well, in a day or two after that, the hurting eased up and he was started to be more normal.  Then he did something that got it to hurting every time he coughed.  And he would clamp his teeth and lips together and just refuse to actually cough.

I ended up taking him to our nurse practitioner for the pain...and she gave him ibuprofen to get rid of inflammation.  I had thought about giving it to him, but with all the meds he takes, I hate to give him anything without talking to someone.  So, before it took effect, he was sitting in his chair and the coughing hit him, and he was just determined not to cough...and he set there and passed out in his chair.  Just for a second...and came back, too.  But let me tell you, it is scary when their eyes roll back in their head.  And he did it a day or two. 

I am so crazy with it all I did not tell our Nurse Practitioner about him passing out the first time...and I still think it is just from him refusing to cough.   But in just a couple days of starting the ibuprofen he was and is feeling so much better.  She did have his x-ray done to check for broken rib and that is negative.

I am hoping he feels good for a while now.  Last week was just not good at all.
I have been so distracted while typing this.  It will be pouring down on our house and across the street the sun is shining! 

Hope you are enjoying life and what you are doing...