Saturday, December 7, 2013

What is on the design wall...

I almost swore to  myself I would not do another crumb quilt after the last one...but I didn't know what I wanted to start on...I did find some unfinished crumb blocks that I didn't know I had.
So the next think I knew, I had committed to make enough to make small quilt.  This time the blocks are 12 inches finihsed. This is 60 inches square and I am thinking I will add borders of some sort.  I want it to be a rectangle instead of square so trying to decide how I am going to come to that end.  You can click on these to expand the view.
For all you cat lovers...or anyone that has ever had any experience with cats...I happened on this book of poems written by the cat...I am hoping it brings up the page where all you have to do is scroll down and read a few of the poems.  Two or three of them Bubbie must have collaborated on for they sure fit him.

Just a line or two....

We went to Sarah's for Thanksgiving...was so good to see everyone.  Lorelei is growing by leaps and boounds.  Or it seems so.
Her dad had taught her to play part of Mary Had a Little Lamb in about ten minutes...probably knows the rest of it by now.

She has a stack of flash cards with words...and recognizes them on sight.  So hard to believe she can done do that.