Sunday, December 2, 2007

We don't need Christmas decorations--we have Christmas cats! Bubbie is the main one that is up in the tree, simply because his mommy is too heavy to be able to climb easily. But doesn't he look like he lives in the lap of luxury in all of these pictures?

My daughter's new bed/mattress set and chest of drawers arrived last week. It was almost impossible to make the bed because the Princess had to help. When we were done, it was so cute: all three of the kittens and my daughter were stretched out on the bed. I told her the kittens thought she bought the bed for them. See more pictures here:

I spent about 5 hours at the Emergency Room Thursday night with my daughter--she has a torn muscle. But her leg was swelling and we were afraid to wait because of the possibilities of it being a blood clot. She can walk with ease and the calves of her legs only cramp occasionally now. Not even sure that the right one is cramping at was the left one that was swollen and also it cramped the hardest. It hurt to touch the calf of that leg when we were at the ER.

I have been sewing a little...but not finishing anything. Every time I try to set and do this one binding one of the cats ends up trying to help me and I just put it away. That quilt has been cat tested and approved already.

It was not too cold here today, but this afternoon the wind has started and has been howling. Coming from the west/northwest. I can barely open the back storm door. It is the type of wind that makes Shelby, our dog nervous. I suppose she will want to be able to be close to me the entire night. If she can't be close to me, she whines.