Friday, February 18, 2022


 This is Rosie, Lorelei's dog...Lorelei sent this a few dayss and keep forgetting to post it.  Today is the day.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  You can tell she is such a happy dog.  She is just so loving.

My other daughter sent this the other night...Copper had just came into her kitchen looking like this.  We both wondered what he had been doing.  Sandra says Beau does this when he wakes up. 


After a couple days of around 50°F, we have stayed below freezing today.  I have only stepped outside to get the mail in and a delivery.  

Do you have a lot of deliveries?  We sure do.  And most of it is just to save me from having to pick it up at Walmart and handle it so many times.  Saves me time in finding some of it, as in vitamins and personal things like that.  All of Roger's meds come by delivery.  Today's delivery were little bottles of 2-cycle oil.  Tomorrow will be a book about my camera.  I am so thankful that I don't have to get out and go shopping for every little thing.


Night before last the hard drive of our Directv dvr was malfunctioning, so I had to get on the phone to call tech support.  Of course I first got on line and searched for fixes, but it came down to the fact that I had to call.  I at least had done done all the things she started to tell me to try.  So, a new one is supposedly on its way.  I hope it is simple to get back up and running.  I miss recording the local news, and being able to watch it when I want.   Also, there is a quilting show I always record and watch after Roger goes to bed.  

Well, that is about it from my world.  I leave you with another short, cute little video.

Sorry, I forgot to embed it, and now I go to embed it and the owner does not allow it to be posted on other websites.  So HERE is the link.  It is only a few seconds long.