Friday, November 16, 2007

I just have to tell that I did 20 big bags of leaves! I am not sure what we are having for supper--we may go out or we may fix something easy. But I don't have the energy to do much.

Just thought I would add pictures of my babies, as well as Mama Cat and their brother. the top one is my Chunky Monkey, followed by Mama Cat. Below her is my Puss Puss aka the Princess aka Miss Priss formerly named Lucy. And below her is my daughter's boy, who we call Bubbie--Bubba with a long e sound on the last instead of the a sound. They all live here now...I think Mama has a chance of becoming the cat she used to be before she was taken to a household with kids that did not recognize they were living things, instead of a toy to just be tossed about.

I am busy this day--I am actually bagging leaves. I thank God that my younger daughter and her husband bought us a leaf blower for our anniversary this year! It is done worth it's weight in gold to me. I still have to use the rake a little bit, but nothing compared to normal. I don't think I will get all done that is out there, but I done have 5 huge garbage bags stuffed as full as they can be. The leaves are slightly damp for the most part and I think they stuff down much better that way!