Tuesday, November 12, 2019


I was washing dishes yesterday, and I got to thinking about my sister, Fran.  The above post card was one she sent in the 1960's...but that is not what I want to write about.  Though how I ended up with it is more than I know.  And it has been in my kitchen cabinet for a long time.  I get it out and touch it and read it every now and then.

Of our family, I think she was the favorite of us all.  Here is one story about her...and I thought I would share another story that again shows how she was.

For a few years when the kids were young, we were living pay check to pay check...I just had to plan every dollar.  Well, this one Christmas, I had to wait till the day before to buy groceries to do Christmas dinner.  I don't remember if I already had the ham or not, because I would buy it ahead if I could catch it on sale.  Well, Christmas Eve was my in-laws wedding anniversay and we had to go there to see them and take their anniversary gift.

I was thinking we could visit with them and run by Kroger's there near them to pick up groceries.  I don't remember if I actually went and left Roger there with the kids, or if I called, or how I found out, but Krogers was closed!  I called our local grocery here in our town, and they were open but would be closed before we could get home.  So I called my sister.

She made a list of what I needed and I told her how much I had to spend.  I don't remember the amount...but every penny was planned.  Well, we visit a bit more and then head home and stop by my sister's to pick up the groceries...I paid her the money and we loaded up and came on home.

My, oh, my what had she done!  I cannot remember what all there was extra...there were mixed nuts, there was ribbon candy, and I don't remember what all else was in the bags.  But she had probably come close to spending twice what I told her.  Just getting things she thought we would enjoy.   And would not think of letting me pay her.

Just such sweet memories.  I hope you have some to share...it would be fun to hear some good, heartwarming stories.