Monday, February 11, 2013

Nothing like sticking your head in the lion's mouth

No, nothing quite like sticking your head in the lion's mouth if you want a drink of water.  This was from a little town over in Illinois...I believe Oakland.  I don't think I have ever seen a water fountain quite like this.
We were to Sarah's for a night...I have a hard time settling down to blogging here once I am interrupted.  Even more so when I don't have anything interesting to tell.  I have been sewing more on the crumb quilt top...I have put one little outer border on but have to decide on one more to make it big as I want it.  Plus it does not look right with just one anyway.

I am hoping to get to do some work on it today...other than that it is too overcast to want to go out for photographs, though heaven knows I need a nice drive.