Thursday, February 7, 2019


I was down in the basement today and came across some treasures.  Just think how many people are alive today that does not remember wooden spools.   Lorelei will see mine--maybe.  But other than that she may never see any.  Unless at some point she decides she likes to look at antiques.

If it wasn't for destroying one of these,  I would make a toy that we used to make with them.  We would cut notches in the ends and run a rubberband through the hole.  on one end we would just use something to keep it from pulling through the hole.  On the other end we usually used a match stick.  and just run the end through the rubber band, or probably used a Lark's Head Knot...anyway, you could then 'wind it up' and set it on the table and the rubber band untwisting would propel it along. The match stick being longer than the diameter of the spool, would help keep the spool pressed against the table, or whatever you set it on and it would roll along.

I don't know why I did  not think to open this up and take photo of the always liked betweens to quilt with.  She like a size 7 needle.

Used to various places would give a little pack of needles...

And somewhere there would be their name...these were always a nice bit of advertising to receive.