Monday, September 19, 2011

Photographs and memories...

I have been sitting off and on all day long looking at photographs...originally looking for something for inspiration to blog about. Looking for photos from home. Instead I kept pausing at all the kitty photos...
especially the ones of Puss Puss and Cougar II....I have never seen any two cats closer than those two were.
They were always piled up together, whether in playing or in rest and relaxation.

I lost Cougar just a bit back...and I still really miss him. So it has been bittersweet seeing all the photos of him. It also made me wonder if Puss Puss misses him at all...when Bubbie and Mama Cat came to live with us, their closeness seemed to come to a halt....we would just occasionally catches glimpses of them being like they were the first few months we had only them. But only on rare occasions.

I wonder if anyone else feels as I do about photography...I know since digital cameras I take a gazillion pictures compared to what I took with film. Just because of economical reasons. Whether I blogged or not, I would still want to go on photography trips every chance I got. I feel compelled to capture things...things as they are now as well as to capture things that are about to pass away. I want to leave a record of our time.

The one thing I have trouble doing is capturing people in an everyday environment. That is the one thing I really need to focus on. A hundred years from now, I wonder if our blogs will still be here...and will people be looking at our photographs with the same rapt attention I look at old photos now.