Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you need a laugh

I give you my word this photo is not photoshopped...nothing done except I cropped the original some and re-sized it. Do you see what I am talking about? Enlarge it for better viewing.
I made a run through the strip pits late this was just one of those evenings where I wanted to be out a little, but didn't want to go far.

I don't have any prize-winning photos, except this and only those people that know me would believe me when I say I didn't alter it. I have more pics to show you, but not today. I saw pheasants, and ducks (no pics of ducks) and swans and Northern Harriers...

Anyway, to the story of this picture. I was at this one pond where there were at several swans...I was focused on one group but did not even count them because the pics were not at all good. Well, I was getting ready to get back in the Rav4 and here flew these three geese...and they started to land. Just as I took the picture they did this crazy break up...kind of like someone starting to land a plane for the first time and pulling up just as they are about to touch down. Only the geese were not really close to the water.

Well, I shot this one pic, and while getting in the Rav4 continued to watch them. They regrouped a couple more times to come in for a landing on the water, only to put on the brakes and do that crazy break up.....almost as if they had never landed on water before. They never did touch down, but regrouped and flew off.

I did not realize I had capture them quite this way till I downloaded them to the computer. And even then when I first saw it, I thought it was my imagination...then when I opened it up big, I saw that I wasn't seeing things. I sent it to Sarah and she got the giggles about it, and I laughed till I cried.

Reminded me of a kid doing something and saying, 'Wheeee! Look what I can do ma!'