Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Something for me??

I couldn't help but think that this little fellow was hoping I had something for it. I say fellow, but I have a feeling it was a little gal. We seen it up by Shipshewana...I assume they are raising it by hand.

When I was a kid I helped to raise a couple calves....we didn't use a bottle, but a bucket that had a big rubber nipple on the outside similar to this. Ours was made of metal, and it also had a way for us to hang it from a board if we wanted. But I never wanted to...feeding baby calves was a fun thing to do in my opinion. And still would be for that matter. We didn't raise very many that way, and now I cannot even remember where they came from.

Then later, when Roger and I lived in Tennessee we raised two on bottles...I don't remember why we chose bottles. Either way was fun....

We would buy the formula in what I assume was 25 lb. bags and mix a bucket/bottle of it and head for the barn. Of course we mixed a small amount to begin with and increased the amount as the calf grew. I know we had to teach a calf how to use the bucket, but it was never hard to do. Since then, I have heard so many times of calves just being taught to drink it like it is water and I wonder if that would have worked. I still would do it the way with did it or with bottles, simply cause I would enjoy it...but when you hear of something being done different to the way you have done things, you tend to wonder how well it works that way.

I did get my project made yesterday...I am so relieved to have it done. Now I can start on something fun...I have another small quilt top I want to make. Then when it is done, I want to quilt it and the other baby quilt that I just recently made.

For right now, I have to head to Sarah's....she has more packing to do.