Monday, June 15, 2015


When we were over in Marshall, Illinois, I saw this and could not resist a quick snapshot of it.  that was a big old RV there to the side.  One I would not want to drive...I would love to know how long it was.  I felt like it was as big as some school buses, and bigger than others.
We had rambling fever today and headed north to the swamp area close to Coffing Brothers Orchard, and from there went on over to Danville, Illinois to the Heron viewing station.  I did get some good shots of a Great Blue Heron, but was disappointed in other ways.  Saw about three of the small water lily blooms, and that was all the blooms I saw.

It was if there had been a huge storm...I have not ever seen as much water in that area as was there today.  There just were not water lilies to speak of and I am not sure why.  And I only seen two turtles.

I am too weary to get much of a post together tonight...I will say it was another glorious cloud day.  So expect some more of those in the next few days, also some more thistle shots if nothing happens.