Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For now..

For now, the toot has gone home...she did stay till yesterday...she would not talk about going home Monday.  Till Monday night...and then it hit her that she really wanted to see her mama and daddy.  But she didn't cry and carry on, but would have went if we would have taken her that late.

So yesterday, she gets up and I remind her she is going home.  And she is happy and sad by turn...she tells me several times she is really going to miss me, and almost tears up and starts crying.  And she tells her Papaw the same thing.  Then she would turn around and say she missed her mama and daddy.

So home she went...after they got home, her and her mama walked out to get the mail...there was a card for her dad.  Lorelei asked why there wasn't one for her...Sarah told her it wasn't her birthday.  So, she sniffed and said she wanted her Mamaw to send her one.

I didn't have anything on hand to send, so made the little card above from fabric...she loves hearts and loves this was what I came up with.  I wanted to get it in today's mail so I didn't have time to do all I would have liked to do.  Not even sure of the measurements..probably 5" x 7"...I found some old Christmas cards and stole one of the envelopes for it to fit in...

Oh, and the back looks like this:
I wasn't going to take time to run fabric through printer to print something, so made a little pocket to stick a note and a little cash...just had to send something.  But money doesn't really thrill her. 
A simply beautiful day here...low humidity.  Blue skies.  Nothing lacking.  I have washed and hung clothes and have some of them in and ready to put away.  Wanted to do this quick post.  Will try to visit later and catch up with everyone.